Pirelli rallybanden

Pirelli-Logo-175x66pxPirelli is al sinds 1907 actief in de rallysport. Jan van der Marel heeft een duidelijke keuze gemaakt uit het bandenprogramma van Pirelli.

Neem voor prijzen en levertijden van onderstande banden ontact op met Jan van der Marel Autosport. Klik hier voor het contactformulier of bel 06 53 15 04 95


Pirelli rally range:

  • Jan-vd-Marel-Pirelli-rallybanden-RX-100x180pxRX
    The percentage of grooves is the minimum allowed by the FIA technical regulations to ensure the maximum duration and efficiency even in the most severe conditions. The square profile and the particularly rigid structure of the RX facilitate steering precision and a prompt response both on slow guided routes, and on fast routes with prolonged stress on the tyre and fast changes of direction.

    It is available in two compounds for specific weather and asphalt conditions. In a softer compound for competitions at low temperatures, smooth or damp surfaces, where a good level of grip is required and where the tread rubber is not excessively stressed; in a harder compound for special stages that require consistent performance over long distances and at higher temperatures.

  • Jan-vd-Marel-Pirelli-rallybanden-RE-100x180pxRE
    Developed on the basis of a tyre for the dry, but with a less rigid structure, and with the tread pattern more similar to a wet-weather tyre.

    In difficult conditions, typical of stages in the wet, the more rounded profile and the less rigid structure compared with the RX ensure a less nervous and more controllable response.

    The tread pattern has three longitudinal grooves that ensure good evacuation of water in the event of rain. In more severe conditions, with puddles and standing water, the tread can easily be hand-cut to make additional grooves and increase the drainage of water.